Computer Products

We sell over 250,000 products from 1,500 different companies including, but not limited to:


Service in the computer industry is a complex process. It starts with face-to-face encounters or phone calls from our customers, but it involves the entire organization, including many dedicated employees the customer never sees. At Pandya, service is not a single event, but a continuing process consisting of many actions, some small and some very significant.

Pandya concentrates its efforts on service and sales,while other companies' priorities are just sales. Our service begins before the customer actually buys a product or service by collecting information on the customer's needs, current problems, and solutions to their problems. This concept is relatively simple and unpretentious, but has always been at the core of Pandya Computers, Inc.'s business philosophy: customer service.


Our current rate is $60.00 an hour for all jobs. Estimates for repairs can also be given for a flat rate of $30.00. Virus/malware removal can be completed for a flat rate of $90.